Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walk This Way...Steven Tyler inspired outfit

I found this top at TJ Maxx the Saturday before I went to see Aerosmith...I liked it but wished the collar of the shirt wasn't black. So I didn't buy it. Went to see Aerosmith on Tuesday and Steven had on a shirt with similar coloring but different print and his laced the front. 

My friend Cori brought to my attention that the top I almost bought was somewhat similar to the one Steven wore on stage. So...I went back to TJ Maxx and bought the shirt. Steven Tyler has been an inspiration in fashion for me for quite some time now. I like to adapt a few things he wears here and there into my own leopard print and black boots with buckles and studs and such. So this outfit is somewhat similar to the one he wore on stage at the Cleveland Ohio show we attended. 

Steven Tyler's outfit from the show:

And some more shots of me doing my best Steven Tyler impersonation. hahaha


  1. great outfit! looks really good on you :)

    btw I just found your blog and i gotta say I really like it !!I'm following you, and I hope you would follow me back too ;)