Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The outfit I almost wore to see Aerosmith in Concert

This is the leopard dress and pink heels that I originally was going to wear to see Aerosmith. At the last moment though I ended up wearing the back up dress and sandals I had packed for the trip. This dress is by far cuter...but since the leopard pattern is so small and busy, it can add weight and make a person look thicker if a photo isn't shot at the right angle. Since I was getting my pics taken with lead singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry, I wanted to wear something that would be a little more figure flattering on my shape. So I actually ended up wearing the long animal print dress I posted in the look called "Jungle Cat" and some flat silver beaded sandals. The long dress had a bigger print which is more friendly on people who aren't thin and the length of the dress and wear it cinched at the waist. Anyways I will post some photos and a write about about the concert later. But for now here is this outfit that I almost wore.

I painted my nails black with glitter for the show. The cross necklace I have wrapped around my wrist I made for Steven Tyler.

Here are the shoes: 


  1. Yes! I work at hot topic, So close to buying that dress!

    1. You should buy it! It's one of the best leopard print dresses I have ever seen!