Friday, February 15, 2013

Livin' on the edge, you can't help yourself from fallin'

So this is my new fave Aerosmith shirt of the moment. I saw a photo someplace online of a black men's t-shirt with this exact wording and just LOVED it. These are the last names of the members of Aerosmith in case you had no clue what was happening. So I went to and stole the wording and designed this shirt. Unlike the shirt I originally saw, I added Aerosmith to the back of the shirt. Once it came in the mail I decided to do a little simple DIY work and cut the collar to make it a little more feminine and I cut the waist length shorter and knotted the shirt in the back for a better fit. 
I paired the shirt with the snow leopard mini I made, my faux leather leggings and yet again my red suede wedges. Oh and how can I forget to mention my inexpensive bird necklace from Forever 21... I wore it the 2nd time I met Steven Tyler & Joe Perry so it seemed like a fitting addition to the outfit. Here's a few more photos:

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