Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clothing loves & hates


1. Animal print, especially leopard. Now I think animal prints should be worn in moderation with more basic/plain pieces of clothing so you don't end up with an out of control trashy look. I am usually drawn toward more classic/traditional print colors not tacky stuff like lime green zebra print or something else of the sort. When done right I think animal prints are a great way to add a little edge to an outfit.

2. Printed tights. Right now I am in love with prints such as hearts, stars, polka dots, bows, stripes or floral designs on tights. Their just adorable!

3. I love cutting the shoulders off t-shirts for a cute off the shoulder look.  I think it’s a way to recirculate old t-shirts back into your current wardrobe. Consider it my own tribute to the 1980’s I guess. (My tribute to Michael Jackson, the original shirt design came from a girl on lookbook, this is a replica of hers)

4. Sequins. On tops, mini-skirts, jackets, head wraps and scarves. Adding a sequins piece to an outfit automatically ups the wow factor.

5. Boots. No matter the year, the current style/latest fashions I always have a great love for boots. I own a ridiculous amount of boots! Black seems to be my fave because I own the most of them but I also have some shades of brown, grey, red and cream colored boots.  I love combat boots, but boots with buckles straps and studs I especially favor. (I believe this stems from my childhood love of Steven Tyler and Michael Jackson’s fashion in the 80’s and 90’s)

6. Dresses. I own/wear a lot of dresses. I like the girly factor of a great fitting dress and for the most part they are super comfy.

7. I love lace, not excessive amounts or anything but a little lace here and there on a dress, top, hair wrap or frilly skirt is so feminine and pretty!

8. Leather jackets. I like them even better when they are personalized with studs, zippers, buckles etc.


1. Camouflage in any form; hats, pants, jackets, skirts, purses, bandanas etc. I especially hate odd colored camo, such as hot pink or blue.... Shudder. In my opinion camo is to be worn if you serve in the armed forces or for hunting. 

2. Poorly fitting Khaki pants. This one is more so something that bugs me on guys, not so much when girls wear them. I hate when guys wear khaki pants that are too big, too long or even pleated. I am not sure why this is perceived as a go-to dressy look for a majority of men. I hate it.

3. Crocks. No explanation needed.

4. Jean shirts, I know people are wearing them again, but I'm not a fan.

5. Shape-ups

6. Black shoes worn with visible white socks. looks silly.

This is all for now, but I know I'll add to the list as I think of other loves or hates.


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