Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mickey Mouse

I am in love with my Mickey Mouse shirt! I have been wanting a heather gray Mickey shirt for a few months now and couldn't seem to find the right one. Then I walked into Target 2 weeks ago and saw it...I was so excited! I wore the shirt with the black denim mini skirt, heart tights and studded biker boots. I was feeling a little nerdy getting excited about a Mickey shirt, so I put on some big frame nerd glasses. Hype me on


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  2. Awsome shirt!!:D I got one with Minnie Mouse and I'm really wearing it a lot!:D

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    Mia's Little Corner

  3. so cute, i hyped this look on lookbook.
    i love your blog, following now :)
    keep in touch

    violetheart xxoo

  4. :) i think you forget Minnie Mouse... I have seen Minnie Mouse Womens T-Shirts

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  6. that is sooo cute! my mom used to have so much Mickey Mouse stuff back in the 90s! But we gave it all away to under privileged families in Honduras.
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