Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's drive to Columbus Ohio/Aerosmith Concert tomorrow

So it is the night before the Aerosmith concert and Cori & I are in our hotel room about to go to sleep. A lot has transpired since I wrote earlier this week, most of it dramatic and worrisome. After fixing the Intake Manifold Gasket for $750 this past Monday...last night when Cori & I were leaving Kroger after getting groceries I tried to start my car and it wouldn't. So she had to call AAA for me and a guy came and jumped my car. He tested the battery and said it was fine but it wouldn't start on it's own until after running for a full 30 mins. So he told me a good place to take it in the morning since my mechanic is closed all weekend. So I was stressed out not knowing if it was just the battery or possibly the starter or alternator. So this morning Kayla had stayed the night with Jenny and she helped me jump my car and I drove it to that mechanic. He found that it was indeed my battery and it seems it is the original battery that came with the car. That would make it an 11 year old battery, jeez!!! So my starter and alternator were fine, but it was another $130 for the battery. AAAHHHHH but thank God my car got fixed in time.

Cori and I left Bloomington around 12:30 and arrived at our hotel at 4:30. I knew the hotel had a fireplace, mini kitchen and a sofa...sort of like a mini-apartment but it's even cuter in person. Here are some pics of our room:

So tonight after we unpacked and settled in a bit we found a local Forever 21 store and did a little shopping. I bought a dress, belt, heart print tights and two necklaces. I thought I might wear the dress tomorrow to the show but decided on the original dress instead. After shopping we ate at Dave & Busters. Now we are back at the room trying to wind down so we can get rested up for tomorrow. Not sure if I will be able to sleep or not. So excited about the show and the M&G.


  1. I am SO excited for you right now! That night-before feeling in the hotel room is so great! I only have 16 more days left... I can't wait! I'm hoping to God I won't cry tears of happiness when I come face to face with Steven... but I probably will considering I cried through like the first 5 songs at the last concert hahaha. Anyways, hope you have lots of fun! :) xx

    1. Thanks Carly! So excited. Your show will be here in no time! And you will do fine meeting Steven!