Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've had this dress for a long time and I've never posted a look in it so I decided to. This dress in a berry color with thick black trim around the neckline and waist and a zipper running up the center looks great with patterned tights and glittery stilettos. I like this dress because it has a girly meets edgy look to it. Hype this look at

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Strike a pose there's nothing to it, vogue."

I've had this navy dress for a few weeks now and haven't posted a look in it, so I thought it was time. I paired it with the brown sequin cardigan that I LOVE and belted the dress with a skinny brown belt. To make the outfit even more girly I wore my brown stilettos and brown beaded earrings. Hype me on

Sunday, November 20, 2011

*A favorite fashion quote*

Just tell me that I'm not alone

Once again rocking a black & brown combo. I bought this basic brown dress from Forever 21. I like to wear it with my black ruffle cardigan, black leggings and brown suede boots. The leopard print bandanna tied around my head like rambo made this look kinda fun I think. Hype is always appreciated!

True legends never die

I got this amazing Michael Jackson shirt on eBay from Thailand. I love raglan/baseball tee's and this one has great colors. Michael Jackson has been my fave singer/dancer/songwriter/entertainer since I was 5 years old. So I have many many MJ shirts but this is my newest. I had to rock the shirt out with a black fedora, true MJ style. I paired it with denim shorts, heart printed tights and my london print slip on flats. I love this look and it didn't get much hype at all on so please hype me!!!

Mini-skirts, hearts, frills & lace: The fun of being a girl!

I found this black ruffle cardigan, brown lace, frilly top & black mini skirt at a thrift store. I paired them with the heart print tights and brown suede boots to make what I think is a fun and girly look. If you like it come hype me on! 

Eye of the Tiger

The tiger shirt I am wearing is part of the Andrew Charles line available at Macy's. Andrew Hilfiger brought on Steven Tyler (lead singer of the band Aerosmith) to inspire this line's look. Andrew Charles is a new rock 'n' roll inspired fashion collection for men and women. Aerosmith is my fave rock band and I love Steven Tyler and his crazy awesome fashion, so it's exciting that he finally has a hand in the fashion industry. 

The link to their website:

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A little Black dress & plenty of glitter!

I went to the annual awards banquet my work puts on and this is what I wore! I found this gorgeous black sparkly dress where else but at Forever 21! I love the black bow that adorns the waist. Anyways I paired it with bow tie print tights and these pink glittery stiletto heels. If you have a account please hype me!

I LOVE the 80's

I found this crazy awesome black and teal colorblock dress at Forever 21. It reminds me of the 80's and even early 90's. It looked like something that D.J. Tanner's character would have worn on the 90's tv show "Full House." I love the dress and had to buy it I paired it with black leggings and my favorite studded boots! This look needs more hype, help me out!?

Be Yourself!

I found this black sparkly sweater dress in a thrift store! I wore it with a skinny mustard belt, purple tights and black boots. It's a different look, very me. Hype me?  

Rock the Plaid

I LOVE my bright plaid shirt! I found it at TJ Maxx and instantly fell in love with it! I thought it would be perfect with my aviators that have colorful lenses. This look has the most hypes out of all of my looks on lookbook. Please hype it!

Stars & Stripes

Hanging out after dark in a cemetery Here is that black & white stripe dress worn over black skinny's with biker boots. I mixed it up and wore this star print drape vest thingy over the dress and topped it with the leather jacket cause it was chilly. hype me:

Satin & Ruby

I love red and black together. The black & white stripe top is really a dress that I wore under the red satin skirt. Black tights, studded biker boots and a studded leather jacket completed this look. If you're on please hype me!

Vertical Stripes

I found this amazing converse dress at Goodwill and only paid $4 for it. What a bargain right!? Anyways I really loved the maroon and navy blue vertical stripes and that it has bronze snaps the length of the dress. I belted it and it looks best over black leggings and motorcycle boots. Hype me:

Fall weather, a hat & sweater

I love this red large leopard print angora sweater from Forever 21. If you like it too, hype me at

Michael Jackson shirt

My DIY leather studded jack makes another appearance! I found this black & white Michael Jackson shirt at Urban Outfitters in the mens section. I shortened it and cut off the neck and sleeves. I love this shirt under the leather jacket and paired with studded boots and black skinny jeans. Hype me!

The past is gone, it went by like dust to dawn

I used to not be a fan of black and brown worn together but as of late I love it. This has become one of my fave go-to outfits. It is comfortable and I love the look of it. The link on, hype me:

Light dispels the darkness

When I saw this cross tank on eBay I immediately loved it The tank is originally from Forever 21, my fave store but someone was selling it on eBay. I paired it with black skinny jeans and black boots. The black leather jacket I bought on eBay from China and I affixed several silver 1 inch cone studs on the lapels.  Check this look out on and hype me!


I hadn't yet wore this black wide brim hat that I bought for Summer so I paired it with the leopard tube top, black skirt with gold buttons and the red heels. I felt like Kim Kardashian that day. Hype me:

"Yeah we can catch a train and find a better place."

I took this mustard colored dress and paired it with a brown skinny belt, brown suede boots and black tights. I love fall colors. Hype me!

Floral print & denim

I love this summer dress. Looks sorta country girl so I paired it with my brown suede boots. Please hype me at

As Summer slips away

I bought this dress for a Fall wedding I was to attend. I don't own many things like this dress and I really love how neat and professional it looks Once again the red peep toe heels make an appearance. Hype me!

Leopard in the Park

This leopard print tank is fun, flowy and comfortable. I paired it with some skinny jeans and red peep toe heels.  Hype me:

Love is a Battlefield

I really love olive/army green colored clothing. When I found this dress I had to buy it immediately I like the ruffle skirt and it is cool and comfy for hot summer days. Hype me:

Satin Leopard

Like I have said before and will probably say a million more times, I love leopard/cheetah print! I bought this satin dress from Maurices. I love this dress. The black satin strapless top, maroon colored tie belt and leopard print bubble skirt are so great. I paired it with a Betsey Johnson bag and black peep toe stiletto shoes. Check it out on and leave hype me!

*Dream On, Dream until your dream comes true

Here is yet another Steven Tyler tank shirt/dress. I paired this one with purple tights wore under black floral fishnets. I had to throw on some killer black studded boots, skull scarf and leopard bandanna and loads of necklaces. Steven Tyler look complete. Hype me:

"Here comes the sun & we'll be chasin' all the clouds away"

I love this white dress. It has pretty white lace and a colorful floral pattern adorns it. I found the dress at Forever 21 and had to buy it. It falls a bit shorter than I like in the back, making it impossible to wear without some form of tights or leggings. Hype me!

Leopard & Denim

I had just bought this awesome leopard print drape cardigan so I paired it with a denim corset, dark skinny jeans and Vera Wang camel colored wedge boots. I love animal print when it is done right! :-) Hype me!

I'm Just a Girl

I love this black and white stripe dress with the poof sleeves. I paired it with a black belt, black leggings and red peep toe heels. I couldn't find the image that I originally uploaded to lookbook, it was better since you could see my shoes in the image. To see the full outfit, check it out on lookbook,nu at

Vintage Aerosmith Shirt

As I've already stated, Aerosmith is my fave rock&roll band. I have a lot of Aerosmith band shirts but I wanted one that was unique and had a different look to it. I found this vintage Aerosmith concert shirt on eBay for $50. The shirt is from the Album & Tour Rock in a Hard Place from 1982. This album wasn't really even one of my faves from Aerosmith because at that point their lead guitarist and other guitarist had left the band for a few years and 2 albums before returning. Even tho it isn't one of my fave albums, I love the look of the raglan baseball tee. I love the black shirt with lots of color in the Aerosmith Logo and picture with the yellow 3/4 length sleeves. I paired it with a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and black boots for an edgy look. Hope you like it! Hype me on :

Dream On

I bought this long tank shirt/dress on eBay from Thailand. The photo is of front-man Steven Tyler from the rock&roll band Aerosmith. Aerosmith has been my fave rock band since I was 9 years old and I've had a celeb crush on Steven since then as well. In the photo Steven's long hair is hanging free, he wears his standard crazy amazing rock fashions, sunglasses and is singing into a microphone. I paired the tank with this fun brown sequin cardigan, leopard print bandanna, boot cut jeans and platform wedge boots. Here is a link to the link on lookbook: Hype is always quite appreciated! 

Wear a little sunshine

Alright so it has been almost a year since I updated this blog. I have posted several new looks within the past year on so I have a lot to catch up on. This look was from last winter. Winter days can be so colorless that I like to wear some real color and make-up for the loss of color outdoors. The bright yellow bag and blue & purple hat really stand out against the white and gray's outdoors. If you like this or any other look please hype me on Thanks! Link to this look on lookbook: