Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm just making up for what I never had

Yesterday I stopped at TJ Maxx for the sole purpose of buying a new purse. My black purse with gold studs by Betsey Johnson was starting to fall apart because the lining has been busted for months now. So I decided it was past time to buy a new bag. 

I found this adorable black bag also a Betsey Johnson and knew this was to be my new purse. But as standard with me I ended up buying more than what I had went for. I found this adorable mint green and white striped sheer blouse and then I spotted a mint green wallet that matched the shirt perfectly and I kind of had to have them. I paired the shirt with high waisted dark denim shorts, striped tights and pink sparkle stilettos. It was definitely too cold outside for such an outfit, but I look forward to wearing it when the weather warms up!

Wearing some silver chains and pearls

The new Betsey Johnson bag. It has a stitched heart pattern covering the entire bag and is adorned with a bit of gold. The mint green wallet is a snake skin pattern and by Jessica Simpson.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Livin' on the edge, you can't help yourself from fallin'

So this is my new fave Aerosmith shirt of the moment. I saw a photo someplace online of a black men's t-shirt with this exact wording and just LOVED it. These are the last names of the members of Aerosmith in case you had no clue what was happening. So I went to and stole the wording and designed this shirt. Unlike the shirt I originally saw, I added Aerosmith to the back of the shirt. Once it came in the mail I decided to do a little simple DIY work and cut the collar to make it a little more feminine and I cut the waist length shorter and knotted the shirt in the back for a better fit. 
I paired the shirt with the snow leopard mini I made, my faux leather leggings and yet again my red suede wedges. Oh and how can I forget to mention my inexpensive bird necklace from Forever 21... I wore it the 2nd time I met Steven Tyler & Joe Perry so it seemed like a fitting addition to the outfit. Here's a few more photos:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing lasts forever & we both know hearts can change

Rockin' my new burgundy Guns N Roses shirt. November Rain is one of my fave rock songs and I also like Live & Let Die, Patience, Don't Cry, Sweet Child of Mine & of course Paradise City.

I Found this shirt on eBay & just loved it. Most GNR shirts with the standard logo are black, so this burgundy color that matches the roses in the logo is perfect. I cut off the shoulders as I tend to usually do with t-shirts and paired it with black skinnies, studded belt, boots and an over-sized wooden cross necklace. Additional photos:

Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming...

I'm wearing my new Grey Wolf Warrior hood by SpiritHoods. This exact hood Steven Tyler wore this past November 2012 to the free concert Aerosmith gave in Boston in front of their first apartment together at 1325 Commonwealth Ave. I thought it was adorable on him when I saw it, then decided I wanted one just like it.

Let me tell ya how hard it was to find this stinking hood, near impossible. The Grey Wolf Warrior hood came out in Fall of 2011 and is no longer sold on the Spirithoods website and all other retail sites online have sold out of them as well. I bought one from China that had the correct picture then it came in the mail and was a knock-off version. Finally I found this one on eBay from a seller in China and bought it immediately. We all know how much I adore Steven Tyler's clothing/style so owning something identical to his is like the best.

I paired the hood with my white Steven Tyler Long Live Rock & Roll DIY tank, black studded leather jacket, black skinny jeans, studded boots & over-sized sunglasses. Some more pics of this cute hat.

Show me where you run to when no ones left to take your side

Purple velvet dress by Free People. I paired this fun dress with a brown belt and boots once again but added my sequin cardigan for some sparkle. Just love this dress.

Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style...

So I had wanted a burgundy crushed velvet dress for some time now, but couldn't find one anywhere. They had bodycon style ones in Kohls, but that isn't what I wanted. Finally after scouring the internet & local stores I found this one on eBay. I paired this lovely 90's throwback dress with a brown belt, boots & fringe purse. Love this dress.