Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Went to work as usual on Halloween. Worked out at the gym after that and then went to Managerial Accounting class for my brain to be tortured. When I got home from class I scrounged around trying to come up with a quick costume from stuff I already own. Blonde wig, leopard print dress, studded leather jacket, boots, red lipstick & bandanna. Put it all together and I resembled a biker chic or something of the sort. Then Cori came over in here batgirl costume and we went and ate at El Ranchero. Then we stopped at Walmart for a few items and I proceeded to act like a complete weird dancing and yelling and weirding people out. Ate some candy and chilled. So that was Halloween, oh how I miss being a kid. :-/

~Costumes for Mexican food eating fun

~Cherry as a bumble bee

...She is angry, but adorable all the same.

~Candy Corn because it's good

...and a pic of Steven for good measure. LOL

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