Sunday, October 14, 2012

I followed Alice into Wonderland

I recently bought this sheer maroon dress and brown boots at TJ Maxx. I paired them with black tights, a floral belt, necklace and bracelet I recently made and my over-sized wooden cross necklace. It was supposed to rain most of the I went out and tried to get some more fall photos before the rain knocked all the leaves from the trees.

The necklace and bracelet I made 

My boots

"...I followed Alice into Wonderland 

I ate the mushroom and I danced with the queen 
Yeah we danced in between all the lines 
I followed daylight right into the dark 
Took to the Hatter like a walk in the park..."

~Sunshine by Aerosmith 


  1. I absolutely love your dress, Nadine! I love the color, the shape, the fabric, it's just perfect. And the pictures are so pretty, I love fall!