Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Galaxy Cat DIY Top

I bought this Galaxy Cat T-shirt on eBay from a seller in China. Even though I love the shirt's graphic, I didn't like the shape/fit of the shirt. So I decided to make it into a cut-off fringe top. To do this I cute the bottom seam off the shirt and about 2 inches of shirt material. Then I just cut strips up the shirt to the desired length/thickness. Next I tugged on the strips of fabric to stretch them out a bit to give it that awesome fringe look. I cut the sleeves shorter and cut fringe strips on those as well. Then I cut off the T-shirt neckline to make it into an off the shoulder shirt. A very simple T-shirt overhaul. Since the shirt is bright and has a lot going on, I wanted to wear a bottom with something that lacked bold color, so I chose the white denim mini-skirt. Then to pick up some of the shirt's bold color in the rest of the outfit I added a hot pink peep toe heel and a plastic pink rose ring.

The before and after photos for this DIY top:

The ring:

And the shoes:

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