Monday, June 11, 2012

8 days until the Aerosmith Concert and Meet & Greet!

In 8 days, on Tuesday June 19th I will be headed out with my best friend Cori on a 7 hour road-trip to Cleveland Ohio. We're going to see my fave rock band Aerosmith in concert and I have a VIP ticket to meet Steven Tyler & Joe Perry!

I know this is my "fashion blog" but I will be posting all the details leading up to the show and writing about the experience after it is all said and done. I've liked Aerosmith since I was 9 or 10 years old when I first saw the Cryin' video on MTV. I fell in love with the music, with the band itself and especially that crazy amazing Steven Tyler.

I've always wanted to see Aerosmith live, but have never had the opportunity until now. I go to a lot of concerts, it's one of my fave things to do. But Aerosmith's tickets are expensive, I suck at saving money and in the past I never wanted to go to a show alone. Even if Cori wouldn't have come with me to the show, I still would have went this time because I came to the point where I decided if I want it so bad, I will do it regardless...but I am glad she is coming with me! :0

Since I have been a fan for about 18 years now and have never been to an Aero show, I decided I might as well go big! So I saved my entire tax check and bought the ridiculously expensive Wheels Up Package from the Aerosmith fan club. Today I got the e-mail from the fan club with all the details about the meet & greet like the where &when...etc.

The Wheels up Package includes: a super close seat at the show, I will get to attend 2 seperate Q&A's with Brad Whitford, 2nd guitar & Joey Kramer, drums and they will also play for us. I will get to go to the pre-show experience that  bass player Tom Hamilton is doing. (not sure what that will entail). Then they give us a laminate & lanyard, a press photo and a limited edition merch item. After all that I get to attend a meet and greet with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry where they will sign the press photo and I get to take a photo with them! I can't tell you how excited I am about all this!!!

So I have been saving money for the trip, getting all the necessary items printed out for the hotel reservation, reserved parking and meet and greet waiver. I've saved the addresses in the GPS, and figured out total drive time and estimated gas cost on map quest. Just attending to every little detail.

I had a lot of fun searching for my outfit. I went a little mad buying lots of cool dress possibilities online in the past few months. After buying about 5 or 6 dresses, I've decided on a leopard print one from hottopic. After purchasing about as many pair of heels as dresses, I will end up wearing  my new hot pink pumps. It may sound silly to wear a dress and heels to a rock show, but since I am taking a photo with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry I want to wear something amazing. I'm bringing black flip-flops in my purse for when my feet are pissed.

I'll take some photos in the concert outfit, so I can post a look  for lookbook  and the blog! Then I'll later post the photo with me, Steven & Joe and assuredly some pics from the concert itself. This entire process from saving my tax check, skipping work to buy my ticket, to finding the perfect concert outfit, to figuring out trip details, to meeting Steven and Joe and finally seeing my fave band play all their best songs right in front of my eyes, well it's been/will continue to be a perfectly amazing and surreal experience.

Here is the map/driving directions/trip time/gas cost for the trip from here to Cleveland:


  1. I LOVE that Steven Tyler is one of your style inspirations! Aerosmith are my second favourite band after Guns 'N' Roses! I'm so jealous that you're seeing them live AND meeting Steven Tyler! If they come to London I will buy that package if it's available- I'd better start saving now haha! Have you read Steven's autobiography? I HIGHLY recommend it if you haven't already. What are your favourite albums? Mine are PUMP, Aerosmith, Toys In the Attic, Permanent Vacation and Get A Grip :)

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for the comment! Yeah I love Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. My fave Aerosmith albums? I like Pump and Nine Lives a lot, I listened to those the most when I was a kid. I love the 2 disc Oh Yeah Ultimate collection because it has most of my favorites on it. It is kinda hard for me to pick a fave album but I can pick fave songs a lot easier!

      Yeah I am over the moon excited about the show on Tuesday and still can't believe I am gonna meet Steven & Joe! I hope I don't do act like a total idiot when I meet them! haha

      I have read Steven's is good, VERY telling though! ha

      Hopefully they will come to London so you can get the package and meet them too! It definitely is expensive, but the experience should be worth it in the end. So you live in London?? I am completely fascinated with England, London in particular and hope I can someday visit there!