Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just own the night like the 4th of July

For the 4th of July me and the bestie drove up to Indianapolis to watch the fireworks as we always do. Once there we parked and walked around a bit. We ended up downtown in monument  circle and just sat around people watching and taking photos every once in a while. There were 2 motorcycle cops parked just feet away from us and we watched as they let kids and a few adults too take pictures with them and on their bikes. We were approached by a couple guys while sitting there which was totally random.

I just love the city, there is just such a mix of different and interesting people in cities, nothing like small towns at all. Plus there are always things to do in bigger cities, always something going on. I honestly don't know why I still live where I do, I think I'd love livin the city life if even just for a while.

So when it got closer to time for the fireworks we walked back to the parking garage and packed our cooler full of goodies and a blanket up to the top of the garage to watch the show. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous that evening and I got some really great shots of the evening sky. Rain had been in the forecast for most of the day and it didn't rain even once while we were there so I was quite thankful for that.

The firework show was pretty great and during them someone who was blaring music from their truck played "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" and the moment was too perfect with the fireworks going off and Steven's voice and I got all teary eyed like a big sentimental weirdo. All in all we had a fun little trip up to Indy. I wore my brand new maxi dress that I had bought from China through ebay, with it I wore my yellow sandals and lots of colorful bracelets. Here are some photos of my outfit and from the day.

The Outfit


The evening sky

And the fireworks


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