Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned...

So, I haven't done a new look for this blog in quite some time, months actually. I've bought a lot of new dresses in the past month or so...and new shoes as well so hopefully I'll get back to posting outfits more regularly. Since my last post Spring semester at school has ended, I got a new tattoo on my foot, and I've made Summer plans to go see Aerosmith both in NYC in July and Milwaukee in August.
I'm sure I'll share the details of all that as the time gets closer and I'll also share some photos of my new foot tattoo as well. But first I'll get back to today's outfit.

I bought this lovely floral strapless dress I'm wearing at Rue 21 last week. The moment I saw it I knew it was SO ME and I fell in love and had to buy it. I'm known for wearing a lot of strapless shirts and dresses alike because my shoulders are actually one thing I like about myself and try to show off some. I tend to love pink and pretty florals so this dress was pretty much perfect for me. In my hair are pink & white hair clip in strands that I just bought from Urban Outfitters. (see photo)
I' m also wearing a pink rose ring and my ever present bird necklace from Forever 21. The final element of this simple summer look is my amazing new 5.5 inch tall tan wedges from Oh how I love those shoes!!! Here are some additional photos:

Well I hope you like my look & thanks for visiting my blog!

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