Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aerosmith Concert Outfit

 So this is the outfit I wore to see Aerosmith in Columbus & meet Steven Tyler & Joe Perry once more. The dress is from Pitaya, I bought the bird necklace and belt from Forever 21 the night before the show. The boots are studded and suede, my fave pair of black studded boots I own. The bracelets I am wearing I made, I gave 3 identical to these to Steven Tyler and he wore them on stage the night of the concert. I wore my Aerosmith biker ring and some red lipstick and red nail polish w/glitter  to top it all off. It was an amazing night and i was quite pleased with the outfit I ended up deciding on.

The Dress

The Belt

Bird Necklace

The bracelets I made (For Steven & I have identical ones that match) & my Aerosmith ring

The Boots

Red Lipstick

And to finish it off, red sparkly nails!

The End~

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