Sunday, May 20, 2012

Betsey Johnson Snakeskin tutu

This is my new Snakeskin tutu by Betsey Johnson. I bought this about a month or two ago when I was looking for the perfect dress to wear to the Aerosmith concert I'm going to on June 19th. I bought the dress on eBay for $60, love it  but have decided to wear another dress I found that will be better for the concert.

This tutu is quite short and the skirt is see through so wearing leggings is a must. I didn't want to wear regular everyday cotton leggings with it since it is such a striking dress, so I opted for a black faux leather legging. I really like gold with this color of green so I searched for some gold glittery heels and found a cute pair at a local thrift store for $10!!!!

A better look at the shoes...

And a close up of the dress...

And some more shots of me lovin' it!

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  1. Hello Nadine ! Thanks for your lovely comment ! I love your looks, and these glitter shoes are from heaven for sure !!!
    So, let's care about fashion and clothes together !!!