Saturday, December 11, 2010

I was Michael Jackson for Halloween in 2009

As a huge fan of MJ I dressed up as him for the 2nd time for Halloween in 2009. I wore the trademark black sequins jacket over the standard white V neck shirt Michael was known for wearing. I had the black straight leg trouser pants he wore, that fell a little too short revealing ankles clad with white socks and black loafer shoes. I am wearing the famous single white sequins glove and the black fedora hat!.

Since my hair is dark and curly I didn't have to do much, just put it in a low ponytail. I wore the lightest liquid foundation I could find on my face, heavy black eyeliner and contoured my cheecks, chin and nose with shading to look more like Michael. When I left the house I slipped on some aviator sunglasses like MJ would typically wear when out and about.

I had a lot of fun dressing up like MJ, I went to the mall and kids and adults alike kept saying "It's Michael Jackson" A few people wanted me to do a spin or typical MJ dance move, so I pulled out the moonwalk which I had learned a few months before. October 2009 was just 4 months after Michael Jackson had passed away, so this was my own way of keeping his memory/legend alive.

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