Friday, July 13, 2012

Steven Tyler leaves American Idol

This post has nothing to do with fashion. So yesterday Steven Tyler officially announced that after 2 years of being a judge on American Idol, that he would not return as a judge for season 12. I wasn't exactly surprised by this news, and for the most part I am actually glad he will be once more focusing on Aerosmith 100%. But I will miss getting to see him on TV. I loved watching idol just to hear the crazy funny stuff he would say and then see people's reactions.

I also loved getting to see all the amazing outfits he would wear on the show. So I will miss seeing him every week on TV, but I am glad that I no longer feel like I have to watch American Idol. I was done with the show when Simon left, but once they announced Steven as a judge I kept watching because I love Steven Tyler.

Today Jennifer Lopez announced she is out too. I feel like American Idol is no longer about the best singer winning, but a popularity contest of what boy is most teen crushworthy that then will win. But I did enjoy the judges chemistry together, Randy, Steven and JLo got along so well. I loved them as judges together and Steven and JLo were like 2 peas in a pod.

I like them better together than Steven and his horrible fiance Erin Brady. The woman never looks happy or happy to be with him. He needs to find a woman that smiles and is happy to be with J Lo. Oh wells. (that's my little off topic rant.)

Back to American Idol and Steven & J Lo leaving...I will miss watching them, Steven was the only reason I still watched. Soooo, not watching it anymore.

This was one of my fave non-singing related moments on idol this season:

What a great moment. Steven didn't expect Joe to show up  and started tearing up. It makes me so happy that Joe showed up on Idol for Steven's B-day. Joe gave Steven a lot of crap for doing the show and they are at most times at odds with each other even though they love each other like brothers. So him showing up for Steven's b-day on American Idol was huge. So great.

I wonder what Idol plans to do now that Steven and J Lo are out... it doesn't look like the show will survive much longer.

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  1. Ok, News how, no more" That was beautiful" from Steve Tyler, no more ambling on from Jeniffer, and hope no more "Dawg" from Randy, The best part is the beginning with all the freaks that think they have talent!